We Have Our Very Own Wine Collection!

Angels has partnered with "Event Wines" to come up with a collection of delightful wines to please every palate. This collection is perfect for any occasion, to give as gifts, to enjoy during a romantic dinner, or any other time the spirit moves you.

There are six different flavors in the collection. They may be purchased individually, as a set of 6 bottles in the Collectors Package or the four bottle Sampler. Because we aren't licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, AOH receives a generous donation instead,from each bottle purchased.

Our therapy horses are pictured on each bottle. A bottle of Merlot features a very special friend!

The heart of AOH is the wonderful, loving and caring service our therapy horses provide to the riding students. We cherish our horses and ask you to support AOH by purchasing a bottle or two of wine - Ask your family and friends to join in your purchase and save on shipping costs!

Make your wine selection by clicking here. Once the page opens, just click on a wine selection and you will link to more information and ordering options on Event Wines' web site.

From our table to yours...cheers!



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